Imagine that just expressing your identity was enough to land you in prison. Imagine if writing poems could see you arrested or calling for the use of your own language in schools could see you locked behind bars for up to 15 years. Imagine being banned from flying your own country’s flag, or having to hide pictures of your spiritual leader. A leader the world recognises as a symbol of compassion.

Imagine having to flee your home at a moment’s notice because of all this. You can only take the belongings you can carry as you make the perilous trek across the Himalayas to safety. Imagine arriving in another country and feeling alone. Not being able to call your family back home to let them know you’re safe because they’e at risk. Not being able to speak to them on birthdays, New Year or just call to tell them that you love and miss them. This is the reality for Tibetans living inside and outside Tibet.

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