ACTION: Call on Cameron to speak out on Tibet during the Chinese President’s State Visit

[16 October 2015] UPDATED: The first State Visit to the UK by a Chinese President in ten years takes place on 20-23 October 2015. David Cameron and the British government have an opportunity to show the world there is more to UK-China relations than just trade and money. The Prime Minister should take a principled stand and speak up for those that the Chinese Communist Party continues to silence in Tibet and across China. Cameron – it is time to show your morals!

[30 October 2015] Read Tibet Society’s report on the State Visit – “Britain’s Great Kowtow to China” which includes details of the Tibet demonstrations, the arrest of three Tibet protestors, questions raised by MPs in Parliament, an overview of each day of Xi’s meetings and opinions by media commentators… click here to read report

Take action and call on Prime Minister Cameron, the British government and your MP to stand up for Tibet and human rights during the Chinese President’s State Visit.

uk-china-flagIn particular, urge the Prime Minister to make a public statement calling for an end to the repression in Tibet and for the Chinese government to adhere to international human rights standards.

Join us for the key protests:
Tuesday 20th: from 10.30am on The Mall
Tuesday 20th: from 6pm outside Buckingham Palace
Wednesday 21st: from 11.30am opposite Downing Street
Wednesday 21st: from 2.30pm outside Mansion House
Wednesday 21st: from 5.30pm outside the Guildhall
Thursday 22nd: from 10am outside Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hyde Park
Friday 23rd: from 12 noon outside Manchester Town Hall

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Join the protests during the State Visit (20-23 October)
Xi Jinping will be in London on 20-22 October and in Manchester on 23 October. Times have been included where known. Protest details are in bold.

Join the protest Tuesday 20 October
2015-10-20-join-the-protest10.30am – Official welcome ceremony at Horseguards Parade, followed by a procession along The Mall to Buckingham Palace, to arrive at 11.45am (time earlier than original reports).
Gather from 10.30am by King George Memorial steps (north side, half-way along The Mall). Join us to express solidarity for Tibetans in Tibet.

3.15pm – Houses of Parliament. Xi will address MPs and Lords in the Royal Gallery, House of Lords at approx. 3.30pm
Gather from 3pm on Parliament Square.

4.20pm – Clarence House – tea with Prince Charles and Camilla.

From 6pm – State Banquet at Buckingham Palace. The Queen is hosting Xi Jinping for a banquet to be attended by government officials, business leaders and dignitaries. Speeches from 7.20pm.
Gather from 6pm by Victoria Memorial (in front of Buckingham Palace). Join us to ensure those attending are reminded of China’s occupation of Tibet and its appalling human rights record.

Wednesday 21 October
9.15am – Imperial College London
 with George Osborne.

(time tbc) – Lancaster House for a creative industry event.

12.15pm – Downing Street. Xi will meet David Cameron. Gather from 11.30am on Richmond Terrace (opposite Downing Street). Nearest tubes: Westminster, Charing Cross. Map. Join the protest to call on Cameron to raise Tibet and human rights with the Chinese President.

3.15pm – Mansion House. Xi at UK-China Business Summit. Gather from 2.30pm on Walbrook Street, London EC4N 8BH. Nearest tube: Bank. Map. Call on the UK government not to put trade before human rights.

4.30pm – Huawei Technologies.

Evening – Guildhall. The Lord Mayor of London will host a banquet for Xi and dignatories. Gather from 5.30pm outside the Guildhall, Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HH. Nearest tubes: Bank or St Paul’s. Map

Thursday 22 October
 – Xi leaves Buckingham Palace

9.30am – Inmarsat (global satellite communication company).

10.30am – Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel, Knightsbridge. Xi to attend a conference on Confucius Institutes. Originally to be held at UCL. Gather from 10am outside Knightsbridge Road entrance to hotel. Nearest tube: Knightsbridge. Map

4.00pm – Chequers. Meeting with David Cameron.

Friday 23 October
(time tbc) – National Graphene Institute at the University of Manchester. Xi and George Osborne.

(time tbc) – City Football Group – Xi and David Cameron.

Lunchtime – Manchester Town Hall. Xi and David Cameron to attend lunch hosted by the Lord Mayor of Manchester. Gather from 12 noon outside Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square, Manchester M60 2LA. //,-2.2443142,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x511c272953567ade” target=”_blank”>Map. Join Tibetans to show Xi Jinping that Tibet has not been forgotten.

(time tbc) – Manchester Airport. Formal farewell, with David Cameron.

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Take Action
1. Write to Prime Minister David Cameron
2. Contact your MP
3. Send a message to Jeremy Corbyn
4. Join the protests during the State Visit (20-23 October)

Download action page (PDF) to print and distribute
1. Send a message to the Prime Minister
2013-12-03-cameron-and-xi-jinpingAsk Mr Cameron:
• to make a public statement during Xi Jinping’s State Visit which calls on the Chinese government to end the repression in Tibet;

Cameron and Xi in Beijing, December 2013Specifically, to call on China to end its repressive policies in Tibet, to respect the human rights of the Tibetan people (including the freedoms of expression, religion and movement), to open Tibet to foreign observers and media, and to urge China to enter into negotiations with representatives of the Tibetan people in order to find a peaceful solution to their grievances.

Also, ask David Cameron to refrain from saying “the UK does not support Tibetan independence”. Such statements are seen by China as support for their policies which crackdown on Tibetans who peacefully call for freedom for Tibet. The right to self-determination is a universal human right (Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) and Tibetans should be free to express themselves.

• to call for the release of all Tibetan political prisoners;
In particular, to raise the cases of:
Wangdu (serving a life sentence for alleged ‘separatist activities’)
Migmar Dhonhup (jailed for 14 years for alleged ‘separatist activities’)
Tsangyang Gyatso (jailed for 12 years for peaceful protests and sharing information)
Khenpo Kartse (jailed for two and a half years on spurious charges)
The Panchen Lama (Gedun Choekyi Nyima, who has been missing since 1995)

• to urge Xi Jinping to enter into an earnest dialogue with representatives of the Tibetan people;
Specifically, to enter into a dialogue to address Tibetans’ grievances and bring about a peaceful resolution to the Tibet issue. This would affirm the UK government’s commitment, as regularly stated, to “the resumption of meaningful dialogue to resolve the underlying grievances of Tibetan communities”.

• to insist the Chinese government stops violating human rights.
For instance, China must adhere to international standards of rule of law and respect universally-accepted human and civil rights as guaranteed not only under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also China’s own constitution. China must also be pressed to ratify the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Prime Minister David Cameron
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
Email: via website
Salutation: Dear Prime Minister

Note: Letters/emails in your own words are most effective, though please feel free to copy the points above.


Please send copies of any replies you receive to Tibet Society – email or post to Tibet Society, 2 Baltic Place, London N1 5AQ – as this helps us to monitor the government’s actions.

2. Write to your MP
• Ask your MP to write to the Prime Minister raising the points listed above.

• Also ask your MP to raise questions in Parliament in the run-up to and during the Chinese President’s State Visit concerning the repression in Tibet, China’s human rights record and how the UK’s relationship with China is going to improve these. (You can let your MP know that Tibet Society can provide advice on specific questions. Ask your MP to call Tibet Society on 020 7923 0021 or email

To find your MP’s contact details go to or send a message directly via

Please send copies of any replies you receive to Tibet Society – email or post to Tibet Society, 2 Baltic Place, London N1 5AQ – as this helps us to monitor the government’s actions.

3. Send a message to Jeremy Corbyn
• Ask Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn to question David Cameron during Prime Minister’s Questions
 on the subject of the UK government’s policies on Tibet and China. Also to ask the PM if he will publicly denounce China’s human rights record and its 65-year occupation of Tibet. In addition, ask Mr Corbyn to highlight Tibet and human rights during his meetings with Chinese officials during the State Visit.

Send message via
or tweet @jeremycorbyn